Sensory Room York

by | Jul 12, 2019

The Sensory Room in the Children’s Ward was opened by John Waterhouse, a trustee for The Nikki Waterhouse Trust.

The £15,000 interactive room was designed by the hospital play team and will be used to calm anxious children of all ages and deliver therapy.

Mr Waterhouse said: “Nikki loved children and had a great sense of fun, we are delighted that the room is completed and already proving very popular with children and staff. This is a great use of the money raised by the Trust in Nikki’s memory.”

A mother of a patient at York Hospital said: “When one of the play workers pointed out the Sensory Room we decided to walk along and have a nosey. He was incredibly distressed and bored by this point and I was exhausted. The sensory room was a complete blessing. Not just for the calming and stimulating effect of the items in that room itself for my son, but also for the fact that there was now a soft floor on which he could be put down and take a little crawl.

We used the sensory room every day from the day we were told about it. It gave us some notion of normality and freedom in otherwise tiresome hospital walls. The fact it was open 24/7 for all children to use meant we could feel safe in the knowledge we could get some respite from the hospital environment and some quality mum/son time rather than me feeling I just had to hold him still for tests. I think I would have been lost without this room as a mum”.

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